Cyber Bullying Prevention: It is Everyone’s Responsibility

Teenagers spend the majority of their time right now on their cell phones, texting, instant messaging, uploading photos, using social networking websites like Facebook and generally spending a sizable portion of the life online. Unfortunately, bullying has furthermore jumped online. It is called cyber or perhaps internet bullying and its prevalence rivals traditional school yard bullying.
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Cyber bulling occurs when someone posts rumors, secrets, threats, personal images or perhaps in some other substance meant to hurt, embarrass or harass another person online. It’s believed that cyber bulling affects practically fifty percent of all young adults and its grasp is growing each year.

Girl bullies in particular use the net to bully their victims. Girls generally bully in order to increase their social standing, to demean or perhaps belittle rivals or even to exclude others from a group. Because females don’t normally bully in an actual way, cyberspace is a perfect outlet for their bullying. rumors and Secrets can spread like wildfire and they also can easily accomplish their goal quickly.

Cyber bullies could actually be victims of physical or schoolyard bullying themselves. They look for revenge through internet bullying because they ought to be anonymous and cyberspace doesn’t necessitate physical strength. They can try to find the revenge with little in terms of consequences.

Victims of cyber bullying find themselves feeling angry, embarrassed, hurt, and scared. They feel weak to look after themselves as they don’t always know exactly who the bully is. In specially heinous cases cyberbullying can damage the victim’s psyche leaving them in a suicidal state.

Cyber bullying prevention starts with reporting of the incident -either to school officials or if the bullying involves threats or perhaps in some other illegal activity to law enforcement. Although cyberbullies believe that they’re anonymous, they really aren’t. Everyone leaves a digital footprint in cyberspace and they also could be found.

Cyber bullying has become an epidemic and it is everybody’s job to do the part of theirs in stopping it. With teens spending a huge portion of their time online, schoolyard bullying is not the sole issue.

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