Mercury Outboard Motors – History

Carl Kiekhaefer had never intended to have anything to do with outboard motors when he graduated as an engineer from college. His original plan was designing and manufacture magnetic separators for use in the dairy industry. He spent money on a failing Cedarburg outboard engine company with financial backing from the dad of his with the intention of using the premises to make his magnetic separators. When he purchased the organization he additionally got 300 outboard motors which were regarded as rejects as they’d defects and would not run.

Becoming an engineer along with needing money Carl made the decision to examine the engines and check out if they may be fixed as well as sold. After exploring them he place to work along with his tiny workforce and repaired all of them and contacted the original buyer who had rejected them. The order had been with a mail order tight and in addition they agreed to draw the engines from Carl now they had been working as well as sell them. Carl had observed the outboards as a method to acquire some funds rapidly into his business that had been been given the name Kiekhaefer Corporation at that moment. But as soon as mail order firm called to get more of the engines as they proved popular and reliable and a second organization exhibited interest inside the motors and requested another engine an alternate firing twin cylinder design to be designed and built for them he had to revise the plans of his. Carl decided then in 1939 to enhance the style on the outboard engine and build them instead of dairy machinery.

Carl worked on the form of his own brand of motors taking into account all of the things that were wrong and unreliable with the outboards which were already available at that moment. His plan was introducing the 1st assortment of his of engines thus they would be superior in reliability and strength than nearly anything which was still available. He developed a water pump rotor that withstood dealing with vegetation and silt by making parts of it from rubber along with a housing to keep the drive shaft and exhaust. The very first energy system utilizing a reed valve was integrated into the new engines plus they were ready to be released in 1940 as the Mercury range after the messenger of the Roman Gods. outboard boat motors for sale in 1940 was where he provided his outboard motors to the general public and dealers just for the first time and then took 16,000 orders for engines only at that one show.

In the same way the business started to really well the Second World War stopped all generation of outboards and Carl pushed to win a government contract to provide chainsaws for the army. The army had been trying to create a more convenient version to upgrade the ones currently used plus Carl was confident he could conquer their design. 2 months was all it has taken to have a prototype created and built along with a practical examination of what chainsaw could cut through a 24inch log would determine if the army or Carl would have the contract. His machine beat the army one by 35 seconds taking only 17 seconds to cut the log and earned the contract and this also ensured the company’s survival through the combat. Just after the war the production of outboards restarted and expanded as boating started getting on as an activity.

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