The Road Home – Cutting Australia’s Homeless in Half

The amount of Australians living on the roadways is halved in the next twelve years, Prime Minister has asserted fairly recently.

Launching Clean and sober transitional homes on Homelessness, “The Road Home”, Mr Rudd outlined the Federal Government’s designs for reducing homelessness in Australia by 2020, with goals which are specific to cut homelessness by more than half as well as provide accommodation to all basic sleepers who require it.

There are currently 105,000 homeless people in Australia, of who about 16,000 are asleep rough.

The White Paper allows for a considerable injection of federal cash, if yet another $1.2 billion more than four years, or even a 55 % increased investment in homelessness.

It includes a commitment of $800 million over the next four years for new support services for homeless people and $400 million over the following 2 financial years for social housing, to house the homelessness.

The reforms aim to:

– Help as much as 9,000 more young adults to stay connected with their families;
– Help as much as 2,250 more families at risk of homelessness to stay housed;
– Provide day to day support to an extra 1,000 adults with mental illness;
– Get to 2,700 more public and community houses for low income households that are vulnerable to homelessness;
– Build up to 4,200 new houses and upgrade as many as 4,800 existing houses in remote Indigenous communities; – Allocate aged care places and capital funds for no less than one new therapist facility for older homeless individuals every year for the following four years.

The government’s assistance is going to be important over the future years but mustn’t be permitted to change assisting those already in financial difficulty because of the global credit crunch. Preventative measures remain vital to prevent The Road Home from getting insignificant.

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