How may you Read Your Future Via a Coffees Cup?

You just finished your delicious coffee. Does your espresso experience end here?? If it’s not Turkish coffee, the answer is definitely yes. But just in case of Turkish coffee, your adventure continues after the very last sip of the espresso 🙂

Along with way it is soil and boiled, Turkish coffee is special as it allows the fortune of yours to be told by checking the cup!

Coffee and fortune-telling? I know it sounds odd. However, reading later from Turkish coffee cup (fincan) is an old tradition in Turkey. Additionally, around the world Turkish coffee is regarded as the recognized way of tasseography.

The notion behind Turkish coffee fortune telling (kahve fali) is in fact extremely simple. It is believed that the forms and patterns left by the grounds on the glass and saucer have a few meanings.

Here’s the step-by-step reason of Turkish coffee fortune-telling:

1- The man or woman whose future is read should take in the coffee. The person must be in a relax mood and drink it slowly. (Actually, Turkish coffee NEVER should not be drunk in hurry! It is a beverage for complete pleasure…) Also, the coffee have to be drunk often from similar side of the cup.

2- After the final sip, put the saucer on top of the Turkish coffee cup and then make a wish. Traditionally, at this stage, the person says “Let my fortune want to combine my state!”:) With the saucer still covering the top, the glass is held at chest amount and then turned counter-clockwise a few times. Then, turn the saucer and the cup upside down (flip over). Wait until the glass cool. Sometimes a coin can be put on top to be able to produce the cup cool quicker as well as to dispel bad omens which could be read from it.

3- Then take out the saucer as well as explore the glass. Fortune teller believe the future according to the symbols produced through the espresso ground left in the glass. Starting from the cup’s handle, envision a vertical and horizontal lines. Therefore, you’ve 4 different imaginary parts in the cup.

4- Look at the symbols clockwise. The symbols that stay at right hand side of the imaginary vertical line of yours are read as positive things. The people keeping yourself at left hand side are adverse. The symbols keeping yourself over the imaginary horizontal line are viewed as items which will occur in the short-run. The symbols, that are below the line, are thought to happen in the long-run.

5- Color of the grounds has also a meaning. Light color means the wish is going to become true easily.

6- After reading the cup, the symbols over the saucer can be read as well. In order to do it, to begin with, drain coffee residue in the saucer. Then, store the saucer vertical, not horizontal, and begin to read the symbols. Some people believe that the saucer reading is simply to verify things hear from the cup.

In Turkey, it is believed that some “special” folks are able to read through fortune from the cup better compared to others. Even there are individuals make fortune telling from coffee cups professionally.

There are a few common believes about certain types of symbols. Nevertheless, 2 people which are different are able to read through similar cup and saucer in an alternative way. Because, the important point of fortune-telling from Turkish coffee is to lay the personal interpretation of yours.

There is a Turkish proverb Do not believe in fortune telling, but do not disregard it, either! 🙂

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